Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sneak peak newborn pics

Hey everyone!  Again, to say we are thankful and overwhelmed and blessed beyond what words can describe, well, I am at a loss for words.  To come home from Georgia after a week, and be lavished on in ways I can't describe, is beyond amazing.  God is AMAZING.  Abby is amazing.  She is the most beautiful little person I have ever laid eyes on.  Her first pediatrician/2 week appointment (at 3 weeks actually because we were not home yet from Georgia at 2 weeks) was on Thursday and she did great!  Weighs in at a wopping 8 lbs and 2.5 oz.  Baby girl loves to eat and is growing and super healthy!

My darling cousin Teressa offered to come take pictures first thing when we got back, and was available this past Monday.  Little peanut was exhausted but she did great!  Here are a few pictures taken by my cousin Teressa King.  She is an incredible and creative photographer.  I think you will capture Abby's personality even at 3 weeks old:)  

Love to you all!!

 This is my parents piano.  Loved the idea of photographing her on it! 
 yep she smiles in her sleep a lot!  And look at those dimples!?!  I crocheted the edges on this blanket.  My Grammie taught me how to do that.  Very special:)
 Must have a picture in a tutu:)
 My most favorite pic
 This pic makes her look rolly, but she's very lean actually.
 Again the toes:)  This blanket in the last two pictures was my Grammie's, who passed away March 25, 2010, shortly after our sweet Esther.  Loved the blanket, the vintage look, and what it means with our new baby girl on it!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

She is amazing!

I am overwhelmed, and get choked up trying to process all this and the fact that we are PARENTS to this beautiful baby girl. Her name is Abigail Kaylee Joy Zylstra!! Abby is so precious to us and we are in awe. Still doesn't seem real. My thoughts are all jumbled, and i am running on zero sleep, and am super emotional right now. And not because she was up all night but because I was listening to her all night, make those sweet baby noises, and just could not sleep! So I am going to sign off for now. Thanks so much for your support, love and prayers! Man we feel them, and need them. So enjoy our first family photo with the three of us!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's a GIRL!!!

Wow, we have had an incredible miracle happen in this past whirlwind of a week!  I am overwhelmed and exhausted at the rollercoaster of emotions we experienced in such a short amount of time!  I am so grateful it all happened so fast.  God is so faithful, and a VERY present help in our time of need!  We knew He was in every detail that happened this past week.  To say to God that we are thankful, and grateful and blessed doesn't feel like enough!!
I will fill in more of the story later, but for now I wanted to let you know that God has given us an incredible gift of a baby girl, born March 1, 2014.  6 pounds 11 oz. and 20 inches long.  We are leaving at 11:15 pm tonight to fly to Georgia and pick her up!!!  We are elated!  Best.Gift.Ever.

Interesting story though:  Got a call last Wednesday that we had been picked by a birthmom, due with a baby boy at end of March!  We were so excited, I went out on Saturday and bought a few boy clothes.  The case worker had told us that birthmom wanted a conference call with us, and we were trying to plan that for the following week.  She had not responded to my email about a good time to talk, but Monday I received a call from birthmom's case worker, that he had actually been born on Saturday! March 8!  But only hours after that exciting phone call, I received another phone call from the director of the agency, who told me that birthmom changed her mind, she wanted to keep the baby!  BUT an interesting thing had happened, ANOTHER birthmom had also picked us as well, who gave birth to a baby girl on March 1!! And as far as she knew, we were taking her baby girl.  She did not pick a 2nd or 3rd choice, she wanted us.  They had been trying to get a hold of her to tell her that we had already been chosen, and that she needed her second choice (which she did not have).  Our agency had not gotten a hold of her to tell her that we had already been picked (by baby boys birthmom), so as far as she knew, we were adopting her baby!!   Loooooooooong confusing story, but this baby girl was free as of last night at midnight Eastern time for us to come and pick up.  I got a text from baby girls case worker at 9 pm our time, that time was up, and we could book our tickets to Georgia!!!  
We do not know how long we have to stay in Georgia, so we bought one way tickets.  We have had friends and family rally and help us get just what we need to take to Georgia to pick her up!  I can't wait for you all to see her, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I will post a family picture sometime next week!

Love you all and thanks for your prayers and support!!!!!  You have prayed us through this and God has done an incredible miracle in our lives and in the lives of so many others through our story!

HE IS GOOD! Blessings!

Off to Georgia~ Mo & BZ

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now, we wait!

We are so excited!  It has happened quickly, but thanks to our Adoption Social Worker and her speediness, as well as fingerprint results coming back quickly, we are in the adoption pool!!  As we speak, our life books are being sent out and are being shown to birthmoms.  It is a surreal feeling.  We wait.  There is nothing else left for us to do.  The past 3 months were spent with us "doing".  Filling out paperwork, getting checked out, making sure we are physically capable of taking care of and raising a child.  Making sure we don't have a record or any sort, etc.  And now that is all done, and so we wait.  The cool, and scary part is that we could wait 2 days, or 200 days!  And scary on both accounts!  God knows, and we trust in the sovereignty of His plan and His timing.  I think all the time to myself and let HIM know, "God I want what YOU want. I want what YOU want."  I declare that to Him often.  When I waver, and my faith feels weak, I tell Him that again, and we will wait.  I was thinking the other day that I want to be very purposeful in our waiting.  I thought of crossing off the days that go by.  Not so that they will drag on, but to really offer them up to the Lord to use us in these days.  That we would do everything he has for us!  We know that life is going to change when children come into the picture. In a good way!!  But I want to be purposeful in my time!!  I love this song.  I think I posted it a few years back in our waiting season, of desiring to be pregnant, and it not happening.  I want to serve and worship the Lord in the waiting period.  If you have a few minutes listen to it!

We also wanted to provide an opportunity for anyone who would want to join us and be a part of what God is doing in growing our family!  The reality is that I am human, and I don't want to ask for help!  My pride wants to do this on our own.  But I have felt God nudging me, to let people know of our need.  Because the reality also is that it is expensive to adopt a child.  So I in no way want to take away the blessing from someone, if God is moving you, to join with us in this miracle!!  So there you have it.  We would be so honored and blessed if you would want to give to our little growing family!

Here is a Paypal link for those of you who would like to help!! It is a fast, safe and secure way to give. Thank you so much for your generosity and prayers! We covet every prayer lifted up on our behalf!

Thank you for walking this journey with us!  We love you all.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adoption Update, and more!

Hey there!  So from the last time I posted, a lot has gone on!  I wanted to write as we went through this process, but it truly has gone fast!  I was meeting with a friend a few weeks ago, and she said, "you are writing all this down aren't you?" And i thought, yes, but then realized "no!" I hadn't because time goes by, and we are busy, and I have not taken the time, so tonight I am!

Really cool, "fingerprints of God" as we call them have happened throughout this process.  Currently, we are done with our home study, and are about to send it off to the agency!  We had to put together a life book as well, which is a photo book of pictures telling the potential birth mom  a bit of who we are.    I had only started putting this together, when I got a call from my cousin who lives in Seattle.  My parents had been at my uncles birthday party the weekend before, and told them that we were adopting.  Three days later my cousin got in touch with us, because a friend of hers had a daughter who was pregnant and going to give her baby up for adoption.  She told this birthmom about us and she wanted to see our profile.  What profile I thought?!  So I made a call to our attorney, our social worker, and started working feverishly on my lifebook!  (This was totally unrelated to the agency we are going through in Georgia.)  I got it done in a few days, sent it to a few people for their opinions, and after receiving positive feedback, I emailed the book off to the birthmom!  We weren't really sure about the whole thing, she had just recently decided to give her baby up for adoption, and didn't have any counseling to my knowledge. There were a lot of red flags, and many unknowns, but we felt we needed to push on this, perhaps open door.   Because I had hurried to get our life book done, I sent it off to our agency and asked if I needed to change anything.  The gal at the agency said it looked great and didn't need any changes!  I was so stoked, and sent it off to print and ordered my 25 copies to send to the agency.  So even though we found out last week, that this particular birth mom chose her brother and sister-in-law to adopt her baby, we had total peace in that!  God used that to expedite our home study and for me to finish up my life book!  So here we are and are just about finished with everything!!  And then we will wait.............

Here is the front cover of our life book!

We have had so many people praying for us.  I am thankful for God and his perfect timing.  I can almost see it!  I have felt like it is going to happen really soon, I'm not sure why?  Others have told me the same as they have prayed for us.  The home study process has been incredible as well.  I am so thankful and it was really neat reading through our home study, and that we really are ready to adopt.  We have been through so much, and reading our story, through the eyes of our adoption social worker, has been incredible to me.  So affirming, and we know without a doubt that this is where God has us, and is preparing a child to come into OUR family.  People have said that the adoption journey is so incredible, but until now, I have not known what they meant.  We have seen God move in us, and prepare our hearts.  We have taken online adoption classes that have shed so much light on bringing a child into our home and family!  So much I never knew.  We have seen God prepare us for this time, with my work with Young Life, and hanging out with kids for over 10 years.  Seeing the pain, and wanting to not only love them, but be a consistent presence in their lives.  Letting them know that they are important and valued, and that God has a purpose for their lives!  It really is the exact hope I have for whoever God brings into our family. That whoever God gives us the privilege to raise, would know this truth!  I know we have so much to learn, and it is going to be hard, but we are ready to give our lives away to a child(ren).  It is a little intimidating and scary, but we are open to adopting twins.  Being a twin myself, I never thought I wanted twins.  But throughout this process, our desire has been to be able to give a child(ren) a chance and taking in kids who need a good home!  This could be an opportunity to keep twins together in the same home, and THAT is something I am passionate about.  It breaks my heart to think that twins would ever be separated, because there is not a home for them!  So with that, we pray and wait and see what God has in store!  ( My mom and many others are praying for twins apparently:))

Life has been really good.  Busy...... Brian is building our new shop house, and I am working, as well as we are preparing to adopt!  We are seeing God as he walks with us and unfolds his plan, whatever that is and whatever the timing is.  It is so good.  My faith is being stretched.  I am praying more, digging into the Bible more, really desiring all God has for me.  I think sometimes I am fearful of what He may call me too, so I back off, and don't even ask him what he wants!!  I am committing to being in the Word, and falling more in love with Him!
At the end of December we lost Brian's awesome dad Henry.  He had suffered for 18 years with a blood disease that caused him pain and fatigue.  He just never felt good. He was ready to go, he was so tired.  We just never knew how or when it would happen.  The day after Christmas, he and Brian's mom Julia were headed to an appointment when Henry doubled over in pain.  They headed to the ER to figure out what was going on, and ultimately we knew this was the end. He had an enlarged spleen which was wreaking havoc on his body.  He just couldn't handle it anymore.  We were so grateful that the Lord took him quickly.  On December 28, 2013 he went home to be with Jesus.  We got to be there with him, and had some special moments together.  It still doesn't seem real, that he is gone.  I think it is because of the grace of Jesus that we make it through.  There are days Brian looks at the program from his dads service and says, "I can't believe my dad is gone."  We are grateful that he is not suffering anymore.  We were able to have a great time with the family when they all came back up. Celebrated Henry's life and how cherished and loved he was.  My sis in law Marianne had brought out the old slides from back in the day when Brian and his siblings were kids living on the farm.  We watched slide show after slide show!  It was so fun to watch those together Christmas night and remember and reminisce.  Henry was genuinely smiling and loving every minute of it.  Only the Lord could have known that three days later he would be gone.

At the end of January, we were able to go on a family vacation.  It was an awesome time away.  We went on a cruise to the Caribbean.  It was restful and we came back refreshed! 

God affirmed us about our adoption again on the cruise.  That he is WITH us and is so present in all of this.  We were laying by the pool the last day. Brian noticed a little African American boy by the pool with his Caucasion parents.  He commented and motioned for me to look and said, "hey that is going to be us someday."  I smiled and headed to get the rest of my stuff from the upper deck and when I got back, Brian was talking to the mom.  Turns out that they adopted their 3 year old son as a newborn, FROM THE SAME AGENCY IN GEORGIA THAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH!   We began sharing stories, I told her about losing Esther and how we got to where we are now.  I asked her how long it was from the start of their process to when their son was born.  She said that they started in February, and he was born on December 20th.  When she started saying December, I just knew that it was going to be the 20th.  As we calculated the date and his age, it turns out that he was born on the exact day that Esther went to Heaven, in 2010.  I was so floored!  3 years old, born on December 20, 2010.  What are the chances??  Well I know it is not a coincidence.  I know that God was affirming us and letting us know he was there with us and we were on the right track!  He is so good!

So we are excited.  Life has a way of bringing joy and pain.  Simultaneously.  Losing Brian's dad was hard, so painful, so many tears.  And yet another opportunity that God used to bring us closer to each other, and closer to Him.  An outpouring of love and support came from so many people as we walked through this hard time.  And we are being drawn to Him in the excitement of preparing to adopt a child(ren)!!!   We trust Him, we seek Him, and we wait on Him!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrating Esther's life

It was 3 years ago today that we experienced the most painful day.....ever.  Losing our little girl.  It was a time that really made me think about life, and the value and preciousness of it.  One little life.  Whether it ends in utero, or at 90 years old, ALL life matters, and was made for a purpose.  Esther was created by God for a specific purpose.  I need to remember and know that.  Most days I know that, but some days I need to remember that. 

I think I just needed to ponder this for myself, to know that Esther was here.  That she was not just a figment of my imagination.  For those mommas who have lost little ones before actually giving birth, it is hard, you want so badly for their life to matter, for people to remember!  As most people continue on with life, those hard days fade away, and can be forgotten.  But not for us.  There is not a single day that goes by that I don't think of her, remember her and love her.  I don't cry, hardly ever, but I did today.  I need that.  Most people get to celebrate their children with a cake, and gifts.  I want to celebrate Esther even though she is not here.  She changed who I am.  God used her in my life and so many others, and that is such a gift.  To me.  To know that she mattered and made a difference by being on this earth even if she never walked it......

And so i feel sad, to not have her here........and YET, I am so thankful she is with Jesus.  She is not in pain. She is in the best possible place she could be, other than with us. :)  Because of her life, I have experienced Jesus in ways I never would have.  In this Christmas season, I am struck again by Emmanuel, God with us. We sang this song recently, and it hit me in a new way.....

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
His name is called, Emmanuel
God is with us, revealed in us.

And I paused during the song..........When we go through painful trials, God shows up!  He is with us and he walks us through unimaginable times.  I was talking to a friend yesterday who lost her husband recently, and we both said, its the grace of other explanation for how we make it through unimaginable pain.  we get to the other side, and can't explain how we got there.....God's grace.  But then the next line hit me in a new way.......revealed in us.......He reveals himself in us.  Look at the first definition of revealed that I found when I googled it........ 

revealed - make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.

isn't that awesome!?

God wants to make himself known to others, through us!!  And that is what life is all about.  He is with us always, in the good and bad, and he wants to reveal himself to others through us.  Because what happens???  As I experience God, and his with-ness, I want to tell everybody the secret!!!  He will be with you too!  Put your trust in him.  He will not fail you!  He will never let you down!  All you have to do is trust him!!!  In the best of times, AND in the worst of times. God came down to earth in a bod, Jesus Christ, he was with us, because he wanted to be with us forever!!!  He wants us to know Him from now, into eternity!

And so when unimaginable painful things happen, and they do, we tend to ask, God where are you??  Did you forget about me?  How could this happen??  And there are days I ask those questions......but Jesus continually brings me back to, "Oh Monica, yes I am here!  I am WITH you, remember how I was WITH you on that day, December 20th, 2010?  You felt my presence, you experienced my personal comfort.  You knew that I was with you.  Don't forget!  But I know you will, and so I reveal myself to you again, because I love you."  In this beautiful dusting of fresh white snow!  Oh, the peace and the calm he shows me today.........."See dear Monica, this is for you!"  (You may think it's for you today, but it's for me.  hehe  :) oh wait, it can be for ALL of us!)

As I ponder today, I am reminded of a time of prayer I had with a woman shortly after Esther's death.  As she prayed for me, she said that Esther could see the making of her brothers and sisters.  I have remembered this over the years as we have struggled to get pregnant again, and I wonder if she ever will have siblings.  I fear, and I wonder if this is true.  God has walked us on a journey for the past 5 years as we have talked about adoption and timing, as both Brian and I have had a heart to adopt, and for all kids, any age.  Do we adopt now before we try to have biological kids, do we wait and have bio kids first??  Oh the questions, and no clear answers for many years.  Get pregnant, lose Esther, grieve.  Meet with different people, explore our options, not clear timing.  One answer is a no.  One answer seems to be a not yet.  And so we wait.  I trust in the Lord and his wonderful plan for our life.  Matthew 6:33 - "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well."  We continue to serve the Lord and do what he has called us to do.  And whatever "all these things" are, we will wait. 

Through this process, I have prayed for open doors.  That God would show us what he wants, when he wants in his PERFECT timing.  Oh that is so so hard!  I want what I want, now.  And there are days I want a child to hold and love so badly, I ache.......But I am grateful for God's process and his timing, because now, I don't need a baby.  I don't need a child to make me happy.  God is enough.  He has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with an amazing husband, and family and life and job with Young Life!  I would LOVE a child to raise, and well LOVE the socks off of.  God brought Brian and I to a place of unity recently, and so....

the adoption process has begun!!! 

We feel adoption just fits who we are.  I already feel like we have a ton of spiritual children!!  We would love your prayers as we grind through paperwork and home study, oh yeah, and we are building a new house as well!!  We are so excited!  We are adopting domestically, through an agency some friends went through in Georgia.  It was a great experience, and now I not only am looking forward to adopting a baby, but am looking forward to how God will reveal himself in and through us, throughout this process!  To see how God would use us in the life of the birthparents, if he so desires, and that God would be glorified and made known!!! 

So we celebrate the life of our sweet Esther today, and in this season, and we are excited for the next season as we look forward to meeting Esther's sibling(s) in God's completely PERFECT timing.

Merry Christmas!  Mo and BZ

Saturday, September 7, 2013

It is weird to come back and post after almost a year!  But nevertheless I have had some things on my heart and got the feeling that it was time to write.  It's not that I haven't had other things on my heart over the past year, haha.  But when i get this urge, i believe i need to write because there is someone out there who may be sharing in my struggles, so here we go! 

I just got done reading a book called Kisses from Katie.  I picked it up at the airport a few weeks ago because I had forgotten to take a book with me on our quick girls trip to Vegas to see Celine Dion.  Amazing show, but that is another story.  (Funny too, because in this book, Katie references Celine. lol)  I didn't even read it a ton while there, but since I have gotten back, I have read it just chunks at a time.  And it wasn't until I closed the book, that I realized how much it had impacted me, and a GLARING point that hit me soon after.  I have been bitter toward God, and unthankful.  There I said it.  I didn't realize this until I read the Afterword of this book, and she shared her perspective on a very gutwrenching situation that she had gone through.  I read the whole book, but i feel like it was the Afterword that God wanted me to see. To point out the attitude of my heart that I have been fighting and telling myself its okay that I feel the way I do.  Or pretending that I don't in fact feel the way....... that I really do feel. 

The real life story of Katie is that she is a 22 year old girl from Tennessee who moved to Uganda because she felt a call on her life from God.  People didn't understand it, but she went right out of high school.  She lives there, trusts God with everything, has adopted 14 girls, and goes wherever God tells her to go, and to help whoever he brings into her path.  So inspiring!!  I want to live like that.  And yet I don't.  I think I have gotten so focused on what i don't have (children), and my view has gotten VERY narrow! She has courage in Jesus, and knows that He will meet her every need.  How else could you adopt 14 children, take in anyone who is sick, and feed and school hundreds of other children in the villages around her!?  This is so familiar to me, because of my experience with Starfish Ministries and the amazing work that Bernie and Sheryl Bovenkamp and their team in Haiti do for the people of Haiti!!  God just meets their needs!  I have seen this kind of poverty in Haiti, that Katie talks about in Uganda.  So overwhelming, and yet God just tells her to take care of the ones he places in front of her!  What an amazing way to look at life.  To not get overwhelmed by the need, but to do what is in front of us.  To help those that God brings in our lives.  Who are our neighbors?  our friends? Our co-workers?  We can do the same thing here too!  So besides wanting to adopt a dozen kids from Africa after reading this book, I needed to ask God for forgiveness for my bitter heart. I have felt stuck, and stagnant and I think that my bitterness is why I have felt that way.  How can bitterness and love thrive in the same place?  Bitterness is like a weed, weeds take over!! 

One of the girls Katie adopted was a little girl named Jane.  She had been brought to Katie, and she needed help.  They nursed her back to health, and after looking for her bio-mom and not finding her, moved forward to adopt her.  Well, a year later, the mom showed up on Katie's doorstep and wanted Jane back.  She fought for her, but legally there was nothing she could do.  Jane went back to live with her mom.   Katie was so heartbroken, having loved this child as her own for a year, and then having to give her back.  I know a similar pain!  But her response was incredible as she reflected on the hardest thing she had ever had to do up until that point in her life.  She says, 'For a brief moment I wonder how God can be good when babies starve and people die cold and alone and children are ripped from their mothers.  But only for a moment.  Because then i look around and I know that I am nothing without Him.  That none of this, none of this life I have, would exist without Him. "Surely just as I have intended so it has happened and just as I have planned so it will stand," He says in Isaiah 14:24.  My good God gives only good things; He planned this and He will use this.  In Him, even sorrow is Joy.'  That hit me.  Even in her deep pain, and not understanding of why Jane was taken away, she trusted God.  And was so quickly able to say, that we would have NONE of this life without Christ!  Oh that is so beautiful.  So what I needed to hear.  Who do I think I am??? And who am i living for?  Myself, or Jesus? She mentioned in a prayer over a dear friend who was dying, that God had not forgotten her, and that she would be with him soon, and then I realized..... I do feel forgotten.  I never realized that i felt that way before.  I know it is not true, but it made me almost cry today as I was telling my running partners that.  When it appears that EVERYONE else around me is getting pregnant and having babies, that is an easy LIE to believe, and it also appears that I have believed it.  I know that is not true, as I know people who are struggling just as we are.  But I have let the enemy take that and narrow my focus to only be looking at myself and what I DON'T have, rather than on Jesus and His plan, and not only what I DO have, but on what He has for us to do in this life.  I have to remind myself of the truth.  I know He has good plans for us.  I know he is good, and loves us, and I am His favorite!  That was another thing Katie talked about, knowing in her spirit that she is one of God's favorites.  And in my spirit i thought to myself, I don't really feel like one of his favorites........

So there are my raw true feelings, and that is where I need to stop.  I took a Freedom in Christ class earlier this year.  And the truth is I have not been living Free.  I have been focused on my feelings, (which are not THE truth) instead of on Jesus and what He says is true.  Man it is a battle!  I think I just got tired of fighting.  Tired of not knowing how to pray, or what to pray for.  Maybe I shouldn't pray for a child?  Maybe that is not what God wants?  So then why ask for it?  Then I think I just stopped praying and in turn stopped believing??  I didn't stop believing in Jesus, but I think i stopped asking, and there for it jaded my hope in Jesus.  Weird as that sounds, I thought why pray???  Oh that is a scary and slippery slope, where the enemy wants me to be, and I am sick of being there.  I want to pray for anything and believe in the power of Jesus, to answer whatever it is!!  And know that He has the power to do it.  I know he does, but I was in a fog.  I am praying that fog has lifted!  I want to focus on being grateful!  And thanking Him for every little thing.  I am nothing without Him!  I trust Him and I love Him so much, I am sorry I have wasted so much time being in a bitter pit!  God has brought Romans 12:1-2 back into my life as I have prayed for my high school girls this year.  I realize that the Lord wants to use that verse in my life too this year, as I trust Him to renew my mind.  I am done conforming to the patterns of this world, and will trust Jesus to transform me!!!!  So while I'm at it, I will thank Jesus for the MANY spiritual daughters the Lord has given me over 10 years, through the amazing ministry of Young Life, and the 21 year old Asian daughter He has given Brian and I to encourage and love and support, as she journeys through life.  We are her Caucasion parents, and she is our Asian daughter.  haha, what a gift. Definitely a God-ordained relationship.  I can tell you more about her another time:)

Romans 12:1-2 says "Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worshipDo not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."  Amen to this truth right?!

So if you read this, i would covet your prayers!  If you need an inspirational read, I highly recommend Katie Davis' book, Kisses from Katie.  She also has a blog,

In His Grip!!