Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now, we wait!

We are so excited!  It has happened quickly, but thanks to our Adoption Social Worker and her speediness, as well as fingerprint results coming back quickly, we are in the adoption pool!!  As we speak, our life books are being sent out and are being shown to birthmoms.  It is a surreal feeling.  We wait.  There is nothing else left for us to do.  The past 3 months were spent with us "doing".  Filling out paperwork, getting checked out, making sure we are physically capable of taking care of and raising a child.  Making sure we don't have a record or any sort, etc.  And now that is all done, and so we wait.  The cool, and scary part is that we could wait 2 days, or 200 days!  And scary on both accounts!  God knows, and we trust in the sovereignty of His plan and His timing.  I think all the time to myself and let HIM know, "God I want what YOU want. I want what YOU want."  I declare that to Him often.  When I waver, and my faith feels weak, I tell Him that again, and we will wait.  I was thinking the other day that I want to be very purposeful in our waiting.  I thought of crossing off the days that go by.  Not so that they will drag on, but to really offer them up to the Lord to use us in these days.  That we would do everything he has for us!  We know that life is going to change when children come into the picture. In a good way!!  But I want to be purposeful in my time!!  I love this song.  I think I posted it a few years back in our waiting season, of desiring to be pregnant, and it not happening.  I want to serve and worship the Lord in the waiting period.  If you have a few minutes listen to it!

We also wanted to provide an opportunity for anyone who would want to join us and be a part of what God is doing in growing our family!  The reality is that I am human, and I don't want to ask for help!  My pride wants to do this on our own.  But I have felt God nudging me, to let people know of our need.  Because the reality also is that it is expensive to adopt a child.  So I in no way want to take away the blessing from someone, if God is moving you, to join with us in this miracle!!  So there you have it.  We would be so honored and blessed if you would want to give to our little growing family!

Here is a Paypal link for those of you who would like to help!! It is a fast, safe and secure way to give. Thank you so much for your generosity and prayers! We covet every prayer lifted up on our behalf!

Thank you for walking this journey with us!  We love you all.

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