Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazed and exhausted

I love Young Life Camp. Have I mentioned that?! We had an incredible week. The pictures below just give you a glimpse of what we did. It still always amazes me at how much is packed into 7 days.

Thank you so much for praying for our time at Malibu. God moved in the hearts of so many of our kids as they were drawn closer to Him. Four of them gave their heart and life to Jesus for the first time!! We had an amazing speaker who presented the Gospel in a fresh way, and by the end of the week God helped put it altogether as kids realized what Jesus did for them. It is incredible to me that some of the kids have never ever heard the Good News of Jesus Christ! That Jesus took on their sin and died the death they should have died; so that they could have abundant life. Here on earth and forever with God in Eternity! For some kids, it just blew them away. That is why I love Young Life Camp. They present Jesus in a way that kids can understand. For whatever reason it had never clicked before. The messages as well as the community of believers up there serving them; dancing in the rain, jumping in the pool with their clothes on, and playing together changed many of their hearts. Several of the girls mentioned that it was so cool to just be playing games together, and hanging out doing what would otherwise be known as stupid stuff, and having fun! They realized that they don't have to party or get into trouble to have fun. In fact they understood how destructive that was, and actually took away from their life. Jesus wanted to give them real life! At a later time I will post some of their cardboard testimonies. So you can see the things that high school students are going through. Maybe you know, but maybe you have no idea. On the bus ride home we asked the kids if they wanted to, to take a piece of paper and write their testimony in just a few words; on one side, who they were before Jesus, and on the other side who they are now after experiencing Jesus. Several other leaders and I teared up as we read them. SO real. SO authentic. High School students are crying out for "real life." They want it. They know its what they were created for and yet they have so many things against them back home. Friends, families, name it. They wanted to stay at Malibu, not because of anything other than the community up there. And that is the way it was supposed to be, and will be in Heaven. If they can cling tightly to Christ they will not waver. I can't describe it, I am overwhelmed by the love of Jesus and how he met them there. And the ones who weren't ready that is OK. Jesus will NOT stop pursuing them..........I love that. Please continue to pray for these kids as they enter back into what we now call the "fake life" I love that too........

Well I need to get to work. I promised them I would upload my pictures to Facebook. And that is not an easy task for me! Blessings~ Mo

I love love this picture! My girls with the boys in the background.

Partying at club

Kicking it after Pool Olympics

The amazing scenery at Malibu

LHS leaders -Myself and Scott Sahagian and my bro Kyle. If we look tired, its because we are!!! This is the last night.:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In exactly 11 hours we will be taking off for Young Life's Malibu Club for 7 days of crazy fun. I love Young Life is like nothing else. It is the most amazing camp that is put on for high school kids. To experience what they mean to the Creator of the Universe, and to hear about the one true God who wants to have a personal relationship with each one of them, through Jesus Christ. This news will change their lives! The design of camp is awesome - 3 delicious meals a day, eating like kings and queens - not usual "camp" food, in a resort like setting, having the best week of their life. I can't wait. I have taken hundreds of kids to camp over the years and there has never been one person who has gone, that did not have the time of their life! If you read this blog, I would ask you to take a moment to pray for each of the kids who are going. There will be over 300 kids at camp our week, but 100 from our area in North Whatcom County, and 25 from Lynden High School. I can't name them all, but God knows where each one is at and wants to meet them there. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thank you!