Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hello! Wow i just realized that it has been over 2 months since I wrote last. Oh my.....i can't really catch up but i will just start from here. So much has happened this summer, it has been busy and wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. But most recently I just got a job! I realized recently that I needed to do something. That it was time for a job. Just part- time. So through some searching and talking and praying, the Lord opened the door for me to go back and work at the Olive Garden! I worked there a little over 6 years ago, for 5 years. I love the Olive Garden for one, and it is a great place to work. I can work part-time, or whenever really. It is flexible and i can make great money. I am excited to be in the world again too. Loving on my co team members, and hopefully bringing some encouragement and "positive energy" as people call it. And it is so fun that my bro and sis work there too, so it is a family affair. And no my family doesn't own stock...........although we should. haha. So i have been training the past 3 days. I LOVE LOVE food. If you know me, then that is not a surprise. And my fellow trainees have been laughing at me at how excited I get about food and wine. But really the right pairing makes a HUGE difference in the taste of your meal! I am so serious. So anyway i am looking forward to be in the working world. God is good. I am looking forward to whatever he has in store! I start serving on my own next weekend so feel free to come in and see me at the "OG"!