Friday, July 13, 2012

What's new?......running shoes!

Well I have been gone awhile.  Literally gone......... not just from the blogging world.  When I have a chance to sit down I will let you know where I've been over the past 2 months.  But for now I am excited to say that I have decided to train for, and run the Bellingham Bay half marathon.  I know, if you know me, you are thinking, what?!  I hate running.  BUT i have decided that I am sick of being sluggish.  I need to exercise. Really exercise, and in order to do that, I need a goal!  Or i will not run.  I was inspired by a book I read called Working it Out, by Abby Rike.  She was a season 8 contestant on the Biggest Loser.  She was overweight and it had been a year since she lost her husband, 6 year old daughter AND her 2 week old baby boy in a car accident.  She felt like she was just existing (well yeah?!)  and she needed to do something different.  So she ended up getting on the Biggest Loser.  Her story is one of great faith and hope even in the middle of such tragic loss.  As she got physically better, she noticed emotional healing on the inside as well.  I don't feel like i have just been existing, however i have felt just kinda blah, and sluggish!  I need a change.  My excuse for exercise has been, well next month i may be pregnant?   But, it has been a year, and that has not happened yet, so I have decided to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and RUN!  Quit making excuses, just do it.  Another theme while camping, was "do hard things".  My brother in law was reading a book with that title, and we talked about that a lot.  It was all about where teenagers are at in this generation.  As I have run this week, (so far i can run about 2 out of the 3 miles that is required for the 1st week.) I keep saying to myself, do hard things, you can do this!  I have done hard things, and I know with Jesus I can do this too.  I just have to dig deep and do it.  I have run 3 days, and although it kicks my butt, it feels good at the same time.  Interesting, that with Jesus, hard things in life, are not ALL bad.  There is good and bad at the same time, and I think that is the element that ONLY Jesus brings. We have pain, and yet we have joy too.  We have to work hard and it hurts, and yet it feels good at the same time?  Crazy, but fun.  I am looking forward to it. I am letting you all know so that you can hold me accountable!  I figure you are all my family and friends on here anyway, thanks for your support! 

I leave for Malibu Young Life Camp on Monday, with 90 students and leaders from NWC Young Life!  It will be awesome.  Please pray for us when you think of us!  

When I return I will post some updates and pictures of the past few months.  Stay Tuned!