Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sneak peak newborn pics

Hey everyone!  Again, to say we are thankful and overwhelmed and blessed beyond what words can describe, well, I am at a loss for words.  To come home from Georgia after a week, and be lavished on in ways I can't describe, is beyond amazing.  God is AMAZING.  Abby is amazing.  She is the most beautiful little person I have ever laid eyes on.  Her first pediatrician/2 week appointment (at 3 weeks actually because we were not home yet from Georgia at 2 weeks) was on Thursday and she did great!  Weighs in at a wopping 8 lbs and 2.5 oz.  Baby girl loves to eat and is growing and super healthy!

My darling cousin Teressa offered to come take pictures first thing when we got back, and was available this past Monday.  Little peanut was exhausted but she did great!  Here are a few pictures taken by my cousin Teressa King.  She is an incredible and creative photographer.  I think you will capture Abby's personality even at 3 weeks old:)  

Love to you all!!

 This is my parents piano.  Loved the idea of photographing her on it! 
 yep she smiles in her sleep a lot!  And look at those dimples!?!  I crocheted the edges on this blanket.  My Grammie taught me how to do that.  Very special:)
 Must have a picture in a tutu:)
 My most favorite pic
 This pic makes her look rolly, but she's very lean actually.
 Again the toes:)  This blanket in the last two pictures was my Grammie's, who passed away March 25, 2010, shortly after our sweet Esther.  Loved the blanket, the vintage look, and what it means with our new baby girl on it!!!


  1. She is so precious! A true gift from our Lord! Bless you both as you journey this new adventure! Loving these pics and you guys!

  2. So beautiful. What a blessing

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I am counting the minutes until I can see her!! :) Those dimples are THE BEST :)

  4. Beautiful! So precious and I just love the fact that you are using Grammie's blanket and the one you crocheted! What a testimony to answered prayer! Praise the Lord!